Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale signage
Fairy Tale

Location: 25 Koleti Street, Athens, Greece

Opened: April 1994

Closed: Spring 2005

Fairy Tale is mentioned at two Greek travel sites.

In the Athens by Night Sapphites guide, Fairy Tale is listed among the "lesbian places that have been." It appears to have been Athen's first openly lesbian bar ("the first greek venue to have declared 'lesbian'"). In addition to being a "well-known lesbian bar," we're told that Fairy Tale was "the Sapphite's favorite." (Dang, I love that phrase!) We're also informed that it was small and warm, a "usual meeting place" that featured Greek music on Wednesdays. It is reported here that Fairy Tale closed in Spring 2005.

I'm not sure when Fairy Tale opened. However, a meeting was scheduled there in April 2003, so it was obviously open by that time:

Saturday, April 5th 2003, Athens, late evening - "the Antivirus magazine is expecting you to read it and to celebrate the first issue at the FairyTale bar, Koleti 25, in Echarcheia."

Hold that thought! We also see that Fairy Tale celebrated its 9th anniversary and farewell party on April 15, 2005, so we're able to establish a date of birth after all.

Fairy Tale is also mentioned at Harry's Greece Travel Guide. This appears to be an older website, as Fairy Tale is listed among the (then) existing "Lesbian Bars." (Note that the following warning is issued to would-be lesbian bar goers: "Some of these establishments are just gay-friendly or mixed so your discretion is appreciated.")
Exarchia Square, Athens

Fairy Tale 25 Koleti St., Exarhia, Tel: 210- 330-1763. Closed Mondays, Sundays opens after 2pm, serves lunch. Intimate with international and mainstream hits.

In case you were wondering, Exarhia (sometimes spelled Exarcheia, Exarheia, or Exarchia) is a downtown Athens neighborhood close to the National Technical University of Athens. The area features many bars and cafes, and has historically been associated with intellectuals, artists, and leftist/anarchist politics.

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