Saturday, November 26, 2011


965 Massachusetts Avenue today

Location: 965 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Open/Closed: 1990s?

The History Project claims that there was once a lesbian bar at this location called Coco's. Guess I need to traipse up to Boston one of these days and check out this archive for myself. As I'm not finding any information corroborating this on-line.

For a time, there was a Latin afterhours club here called Coco's Lazy Lounge and Dance Club. Here's how clubplanet described it back when:

Cocos Lazy Lounge & Dance Club - If you’re planning on wearing sneakers, hoodies or any other casual apparel, you should probably go to another lounge. Cocos Lazy Lounge & Dance Club, located at 965 Massachusetts Ave prides itself on being selective at the door. So if you don’t look good, you probably aren’t getting in.

No mention here that this place was particularly popular with Latina lesbians--or any other lesbians. Though it might have been informally.

As to how exclusive Coco's was, I'm thinking this was a bit of an exaggeration.

The site is now occupied by Victory Services, which provides services to those affected by alcoholism, substance abuse, mental illness, and medical problems, especially HIV/AIDS. And when they purchased the property in 1999, they characterized it as a "graveyard of liquor bottles" with "40 bricked-in windows and no electricity." Not to mention the black walls, the blue and orange bar stools, and shiny disco balls.

Photo: 965 Massachusetts Avenue today

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