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Pandora's Box (Detroit)

Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box

Location: 6221 East Davison Street, Detroit (or Hamtramck), Michigan, USA

Opened/Closed: Open c. 2005-2008

Here's the venue description of Pandora's Box from GayCities:

Popular dance spot with a mostly lesbian African-American crowd
You'll find gay men and women of all races here, but it's the ladies of color that keep the place hopping.

Gaypedia basically repeats the same:

The aptly-named Pandora’s Box attracts a mostly female, African-American crowd....

GayBarsInDetroit also reinforces the same points, but with a little more information:

Pandora's Box is a dance club in Hamtramck just outside of Detroit with a mixed crowd but mostly black lesbians who really make this club what it is. Less of a hot party spot and more of a cozy old school joint where you can chill with your girls and enjoy some good music. Pool tables, dancing, plenty of bathrooms. Free before eleven.

What our crew had to say about Pandora's Box:
  • Friendly
  • Sexy staff
  • Good music
  • Fun
So far, Pandora's Box definitely sounds like a womyn's space. Even cooler is that it was specifically recognized as a womyn of color space, which is fairly rare.

But not all reviews emphasized that point. Take this summation from OutTonight:

Mixed Crowd, Mostly African American, Drag Shows, Karaoke, HOT SPOT, Go-Go Dancers, Handicap Accessible

Hmm. No mention of lesbians at all. Are we talking about the same establishment? Unfortunately, these reviews are seldom dated, so we don't know the timeframe at all.

So what did the customers say?

Here's Shari J from October 2005:

Nice Gay Bar/Club
Is currently called Pandora's Box. Mostly black females. Average age around 25-30. Cheap cover and security guards are outside so you feel somewhat safe walking to/from your car. Pretty crowded on Saturdays. It's worth a visit.
CONS: The DJ sucks/...

And grownsexy30 from June 2007. Sounds like there are still problems with the music:

old school lookin for a groove
ok...sound system is in need of help... drinks ok... nice bar staff... lots of young girls and older chics... not really a hot spot... but cool if you take your own people. dont look for "THE" party spot here... you come here to avoid crowded bars and make YOUR OWN party.

Then there was yostuds1234, who didn't weigh in on the music situation either way. Seems the lady was, uh, distracted. This was in January 2008:

The Studs are Hot and Smelling Good
I had such a wonderful time there i met a really nice friend who is now a great lover........

Several websites mention that Pandora's Box is now closed, but no dates are given.

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