Friday, June 13, 2014

The Vanishing: Why are lesbian places disappearing?

Important article. Lost womyn's space is getting more and more attention...for good reasons.

The Vanishing

Why are lesbian spaces disappearing, and what can be done to preserve our collective history?

The Vanishing
In the past two years alone, many cities have seen their last or only lesbian bar close up shop forever. If you can believe it, London, England, only had one, Candy Bar, and it closed late last year. At the end of last summer, Philadelphia lost its well-known, multi-floor bar, Sisters, after losing the less well-known Roy’s Comfort Zone the year previous. And early this year it was announced that The Palms, the nearly 50-year-old bar in West Hollywood, was closing. More last call stories stretch from Portland, Oregon, to Houston, Texas, to Chicago, Illinois. And yet, Oklahoma City keeps two lesbian bars up and running.

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