Monday, June 9, 2014

New Realities

New Realities

Locations: There were two.

New Realities #1       
1026 Howard Street
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
New Realities #2
Oakview Mall
3001 S. 144th Street #2131
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Opened: 1990s?

Closed: 2011?

Back in the early 2000s, New Realities was listed as a member of the Feminist Bookstore Network. It was also included in this Stonewall Inn list of Gay/Lesbian/Feminist bookstores, and on many other similar lists.

But when a customer reviewed it at Yelp in April 2010, there was no mention of this being a feminist bookstore. It was all woo-woo New Age:

New Realities, found in the Old Market in Omaha, NE, is a wonderful surprise for shoppers. The store features a variety of holistic, spiritual and uplifting surprises. Among some of the treasures found at New Realities are candles, music, motivational tapes, crystals, dream catchers, figurines, clothing, toys, artwork, cards, jewelry, incense, massage oils and more. Tucked away on the shelves you will find hard to find authors, audio books, rare collectibles and hidden treasures. When you enter the store, you notice the smell of incense or fragrant oils which help you feel relaxed. The sales people are helpful, upbeat, informed and never pushy.

But at least one customer wasn't happy about the transformation. Also from Yelp, but in August 2010:

This place used to be one of my favorite stores in the Old Market Passageway.  Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.  A few years ago, their market was aimed more toward the LGBT community. While they still carry a few of these items, it has primarily become a new age store with a small gay section.

In here you'll find everything from meditation CDs, cards, jewelry, crystals, candles, incense, art, books, and a multitude of worldly religious items.  It's still fun to shop here, but it's no longer what it used to be.  When entering the Passageway, you'll know when you're close... just follow the scent of Nag Champa.

Well I guess at some point it was oriented towards "LGBT," but I can't find any customer reviews referring to this as a feminist or women's bookstore. So I figure that part of the New Realities identity must have been jettisoned years ago--even before it went "LGBT."

Not sure when it closed--but it was clearly gone by January 2012.

Moksha, a clothing store, now inhabits the former Howard Street location.

And the site at the Oakview Mall? It's a Bath and Body Works.


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