Saturday, September 22, 2012

Terrell's Cafe for the Ladies

Colony Street - Meriden, Connecticut
Terrell's Cafe for the Ladies

Location: 10 Colony Street, Meriden, Connecticut, USA

Opened: June 1913

Closed: ?

Notice that like nearly all ladies' cafes, this was located in a "marginal" commercial space (in this case the second floor). But then it was an afterthought after creating a restaurant for men.

From the Meriden Daily Journal, June 7, 1913:


Terrell's cafe on Colony street, which has long been noted about the state of the excellence of the cuisine and service, has inaugurated an innovation in opening a ladies' cafe on the second floor of the Silver City Realty company building, 10 Colony street.

For a long time there has been a demand by the ladies of Meriden for a place where they could go and secure the same excellent service that the men have been able to get and to meet this demand the upper floor of the building has been thoroughly refinished and refurnished and made as up to date and attractive as any dining room in the state.

There are large tables and small ones in the big well lighted room which faces Colony street and beyond that there are smaller rooms for parties. All the rooms are panelled in oak
and are lighted by chandeliers as well as soft table lamps.

10 Colony Street today
One of the best chefs in the state is employed at the Terrell cafe and he is an expert at serving novel dishes that appeal to discerning palates. Trained waiters give prompt service. All the delicacies of the market will be served and the cost will be found quite reasonable.

These dining rooms are reached by the main stairway to the block and are removed from the noise and bustle and yet with the outlook on Colony street are right in the heart of the city.

Special attention will be paid to private parties up to the number thirty, if arrangements are made in advance. Knowing the thorough manner in which this place has always been run, it can be safely
said that this innovation will be warmly welcomed.


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