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Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

Location: 10127 Coachlight Street, San Antonio, Texas, USA (at some point also at 119 El Mio Drive?)

Opened: Spring 2006?

Closed: Late 2011?

Bermuda Triangle's website hasn't been updated since November 16, 2009, but the humble headline is still there, seemingly preserved into infinity: "San Antonio's Finest Lesbian Bar." A lack of confidence was clearly NOT among her defects. 

Happy customers at
Bermuda Triangle
Yelp reports that Bermuda Triangle is now closed, and yet the reviews run through 2011. So she apparently did not close in 2009. Notice that although the two reviews quoted below are separated by just a few months, they paint a very different picture. Did this place really change that fast?

A fairly positive review from lauren r. (7/14/2011):

Bermuda has the unique position of being (basically) the only place for lesbians in San Antonio to congregate without being harassed by straight men or judged by gay men. It's just.. nice. Like a little lesbian oasis, and they even have karaoke ever Wednesday! Drinks are (relatively) cheap, you don't have to wait 15 minutes to get served at the bar, they are finally a smoke free establishment, AND they have a shadowbox that hot girls dance in for your entertainment. How badass is that?
Of course if you are a smoker, they've built an outdoor patio where you can go talk to that cute girl you were eying inside. Don't lie, you know you want to.
More happy customers at Bermuda Triangle

And later, a fairly negative review From Fatima N. (11/13/2011): 

Friday night: 2 straight couples, various soft butches and chapstick lesbians and misc others. Hannah, the bartender was pretty cordial. 

She said it was better on Saturdays. 

It was totally dead on this particular Friday. Like... Maybe 10 people. It was so sad.

Yahoo local reports the following, in what appears to be an earlier review:

One of the city's best lesbian bars, Bermuda Triangle is buzzing with an event almost every night of the week. Wednesday karaoke nights the girls can try their skills at the mic, while Thursday night are college nights. It's perfect for an after-work drink or even to go out with the girls.

Yahoo local also quotes a web review dated 6/5/2006, so we know the place was open at least as early as the summer of 2006:

I had an excellent time here. Will definitely recommend this place to friends.

As it turns out, BooRah has a customer review dated 5/21/2006, so we can definitely push the opening at least as far back as the spring of 2006: 

This is an excellent bar if you are a woman.

GayCities gave it five stars:

Vibrant women's bar tucked away on a side street.
A friendly staff mixes inexpensive drinks for the mostly local lesbian crowd. The action is known to kick up and pick up on the weekends.

San Antonio Gay Bars was enthusiastic as well (though a bit snarky):

The Bermuda Triangle may be a place you will disappear into the great abyss. But first and foremost it is a charming local lesbian bar, at least in San Antonio. They offer a friendly vibe and a place for the ladies to let loose in good company. Wednesday is Karaoke night offering $2.50 premium beer and $1.00 puckers. Thursday is college night and supporting that is the $1 Tecate and free cover for your college budget. Friday is detox night and suprise suprise they serve a steal of a deal; Grey goose and Crown royal for $2.50. If you can't crack your nesting routine and bring you and your girl to the Bermuda Triangle for a drink then we need to have a serious talk. Bring on the leather couch. 

Here's a YouTube clip from August 2011, just so you can have a sense of the ambiance

It appears that the building is now vacant and for sale--or at least was vacant and for sale until comparatively recently. For $495,000, you can own your very own former lesbian bar. Such a deal!

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