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48 Shepherds Bush Green today
Reeves Hotel

Location: 48 Shepherds Bush Green, London, England

Opened: Incorporated June 1987

Closed: Dissolved February 1998

Here's the write-up from the Glasgow Herald, July 28, 1989:

Carol conquers the hassle of hotels and the single girl, by opening her own

Fifteen months ago Carol Reeves launched London's first women-only hotel (L42 with breakfast) and already more than a thousand women have passed through the doors, establishing a steady clientele which includes several Glasgow businesswomen.

Situated in West London, with easy access of Heathrow airport, Reeves emphasizes security, good lighting, and an all-female environment. It is, in fact, illegal to ban men under the Sex Discrimination Act, but it would be a very determined one who would insist on accommodation here.
Carol Reeves (1989)

Carol launched the hotel because so many women like herself who travelled alone on business shared "a common disatisfaction with the service we received in hotels. You go to have a drink in the bar and you feel uncomforable because you are on your own. You are regarded with some suspicion, as a possible prostitute, especially in the big hotels, or you get hassle from men and in restaurants, or you are given the worst seats.

"These all sound like minor irritations but, put together, they build up into a general disatisfaction with the service women receive in hotels."

Reeves has only eight rooms, but there is an abundance of fresh flowers in all public rooms and bedrooms. More important, though, women are welcomed and they can relax in a secure, congenial environment.

All bedrooms have en-suite facilities along with extras such as body lotion, tampons and nail varnish, something which guests appreciate.

Further information from Reeves Hotel, 48 Shepherds Bush Green, London W 12 (01-740 1158). 

Not surprisingly, Reeves Hotel is cited at least once as a feminist meeting space. In March 1990, Feminists Against Censorship held a "discussion day" at Reeves Hotel, which is described as a "women's hotel in London."

It was also regarded as a safe place for lesbians, as it was listed at The Insider's London as "UK’s only women only hotel." Also at her2her, a German lesbian travel site.

Other than the basic legal incorporation information here, that's all I know.

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