Monday, June 4, 2012

Garage for Women Only (London 1929)

Chevrolet ad (1928)
Garage for Women Only

Location: London, England

Opened/Closed: c. 1929

I have found four articles referring to this garage. These were in the Hartford Courant (pay per view), Milwaukee Sentinel, Baltimore Sun (pay per view), and the Spartanburg Herald (North Carolina). This is the version from the Herald.


A garage for the sole use of women autoists has just been opened by women in London. A club devoted to feminine needs is a feature. Here fair motorists have writing rooms and dressing and change rooms with bathrooms adjoining. Women auto enthusiasts recently dedicated the place with solemn ceremony.

A couple of things stand out for me as really remarkable about this garage. Note how this garage was opened not just FOR women but BY women, and how it predates the second wave of the women's movement by a good two generations or so. Also notice the fabulous devotion to customer service. Not only is the woman auto enthusiast likely to get high quality mechanical work on her vehicle along with respectful personal treatment (something women STILL say is lacking at many garages), but you still get all the traditional Victorian amenities like a ladies' writing room! Just in case you're moved to scribble down a sonnet or two while waiting for that crankshaft to get fixed. Can't beat it! Wish I could take in my Nissan for a much overdue oil change...

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