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8146 Greenwell Springs Road today

Location: 8146 Greenwell Springs Road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Opened/Closed: Early 2000s

I haven't found too many references to Cat's outside of undated directories to gay and lesbian bars. And those are simply listings with no additional information.

Cat's was apparently around at least as early as October 2001, as it's mentioned in the publicity around Baton Rouge's Pridefest. But nothing is said about the venue itself.

Mygayweb reports (in an undated review) that Cat's is "mostly lesbians" along with the following brief description:

An everybody knows everybody type atmosphere. Wednesday: Ladies' Pool Tournament at 7:30pm (Win $$!)
Thursday: All Request DJ, $1.75 domestic longnecks all night.
Friday and Saturday: Live DJ from 9:00pm to 2:00am
The only more-or-less substantial description of Cat's appears this article on the gay bars of Baton Rouge.

From the Daily Isureveille, April 6, 2003:

Cat's, located at 8146 Greenwell Springs Road, is one of the most gender-specific bars in town but hosts an extremely loyal and large flock. Cat's is a lesbian bar that few men enter, but most women who frequent this bar seem to enjoy the atmosphere.

The music is eclectic and fun to dance to and there are always plenty of women to dance with. Cat's customers vary in age from 18 to older than 40. It's a little bit of a drive to get to Cats, if you're coming from campus. There is no cover, and it's usually worth the drive.

At some point afterwards, the Fish Bowl, another former lesbian bar in Baton Rouge, moved to this location. But at least from what we see at Clubplanet, it was no longer billing itself as a lesbian bar.

After a fair number of other business occupants, it appears that this location is currently a pediatric clinic.

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  1. I frequented this bar-I do believe it was around as early as 1998 because when I first moved to Baton Rouge in late 1998, a friend mentioned it to me. The descriptions are pretty accurate. I'm not sure why it shut down-it always seemed to be full of people on certain nights.


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