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Buddies II

Buddies II
Buddies II

Location: 4025 Maple Avenue, Dallas, Texas, USA

Opened: Late 1970s

Closed: September 27, 2009

I've heard of bars that were meat markets, but this definitely takes the cake. Or is it cutlet?

Tuesday night "steak outs" at Buddies II, where you hauled in your own meat for grilling. Sides are on the house. Seriously. Only in Texas....

Though it may have looked like a dive from the outside, Buddies II had an amazing amount to offer. Not just the big dance floor and the big "rambunctious" patio which you'd expect, of course. But a SWIMMING POOL, SAND VOLLEY BALL COURTS, and a VIDEO ARCADE to boot. Oh, and something about FOUR BARS for your imbibing pleasure. Yee haw!

And it was mostly for girls! From

Along the strip of laid-back neighborhood bars along Maple Avenue, Buddies II (4025 Maple Ave., 214-526-0887) is the quintessence of an eclectic gay bar, and it's been a mainstay in Oak Lawn since it opened in the late '70s. The friendly, fun-loving bar is one of the most popular hangouts among lesbians in Dallas, but it also draws plenty of guys, too. Day or night, it's a great spot for inexpensive cocktails and socializing - the large swimming pool, volleyball court, and arcade with games are among the many draws. There's also a good-size dance floor, and Buddies II hosts live bands from time to time.

But if that sounds like the place was overrun with boys, you needn't have feared. As CruisingGays assures us,

This is a women's bar but is open and friendly and welcomes men as well. Popular karaoke club and great dance floor and regular pool tournaments. Summertime this club offer a great patio and swimming pool. Cover charge on weekends.

Or as Clubfly deemed it, "a Cheers kind of lesbian poolside bar where everyone knows your name."

So why did it close? Maybe such a big "entertainment complex" was simply too expensive to operate, especially during an economic downturn. Or maybe it just became unfashionable with the fickle younger crowd. Here's a sampling of the complaints:

From September 2007:

Buddies has a lot of potential... But it sure does have the wrong crowd. Most of them are older and not so attractive women. If you are looking for butch, head to buddies. I mean serious butch... Ragged Jeans, No make up what so ever, motorcycle bike riding and stringy hair. Seriously its no joke. Go to check it out on a busy night but please do leave before the alcohol starts to settle in...YOu might just end up being somones prison b*tch the next morning. Not a mistake ya wanna make.  

From January 2008:

Not really a fan favorite. The bar is dated and not really full of what you want to see on a weekend night.
I'm sure it is good for some, but not my group of friends.

Photo of Buddies II by Andrew Collins

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