Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Club 41

Club 41 ad
Club 41

Location: 41 Vivian Street, Wellington, New Zealand

Founded: 1974

Closed: 1977

Club 41 was the first lesbian club in Wellington, New Zealand. According to one account, it was started by a Māori lesbian, Diana Sands. I have also seen it reported that a group of four lesbians bought the lease and ran it as a women-only club until it closed due to licensing problems - it apparently had no legal liquor license.

After Club 41 closed, lesbians went to The Pub, Ghuznee Street in Wellington, which was started in 1977. The Pub closed after being firebombed in 1980.

Illustration: Artist Viv Jones drew this cartoon strip, which advertised Club 41 in Circle, New Zealand's first lesbian magazine.

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