Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ms. C's

Ms. C's
Ms. C's

Location: 7900 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado, USA

Opened: 1980s?

Closed: February 28, 2009

Here's on Ms. C's:

Although it's woefully far from downtown (about 5 miles east via ticky-tacky, slow-as-molasses Colfax Avenue), Ms C's lesbian bar (7900 E. Colfax Ave., 303-322-4436) deserves kudos as a low-frills, no-nonsense lesbian bar (and a bit of a dive) that has managed to remain popular for decades. It draws a mostly lesbian crowd (in fact, men - gay or otherwise - tend to be very much the exception). There's a nice big patio, super-cheap drinks, a rocking juke box, and the usual bar games (pool, darts, and such). It ain't fancy, but the crowd here sure knows how to party.

The assessment at gaycities was a bit blunter (shooting from the hip if you will):

Lesbian dive bar where the clientele wears boots, not heels
The only lesbian bar and nightclub in Denver for 14 years straight. Dancing, happy hours, and drink specials.

Here's what one patron said about it, apparently a satisfied local gal:

From April 2008:
“C's is a country-music bar for lesbians. Lesbian bars are few and far between as it is, so I'm happy to have this one. Plus, two-stepping is easy enough to pick up, especially from some pretty lady. Saturday nights are the nights to be there. It's hit or miss some nights with the girls. Some Saturdays you can barely walk in there, and some nights it's desolate. One week I go in sweatpants and the next with glitter and curls. No one cares. Very laid back. One of my very favorite bars to go to on Saturday nights.”

And here's what one out-of town, gay male visitor thought:

From July 2008:
This place is the most shit-kickin', ghetto-fabulous, country western(ish), lesbian dive bar in the world.  Ok, that's a pretty grand claim, so I'll limit the scope to Denver.  This place is the most (see above) in Denver.

Make no mistake, the place is a hole but that adds to its charm.  There are pool tables, darts, pitchers, and line dancing, (natch) and the place can get crazy busy.  Prepare for a truly random listening experience as you'll hear everything from Barry White to The Dixie Chicks.  They also take requests.  (I found it handy to add an extra L and E to the end of my name.  Do with that what you will.)

For the most part the clientele is laid-back and chill to be around.  To be fair, I have been attacked by angry lesbians who don't understand this 'mos deep love for the 'bos.  But that's ok, the cool chicks came to my rescue and then they played 'Let's Stay Together' so everything was better.

In the world of gay Denver you have to experience C's at least once.  It's little, it's funky, it's way the eff out on east Colfax, and it's a part of our history.  Viva C's.

And then this sassy ol' gal shuffled off to Boot Hill. Till the end she wasn't no citified, lipstick lesbian bar, no siree. She was always true to her own sweet if rough-and-tumble self! Facebook announced her upcoming demise:

If you don't know....everyone's favorite two steppin', bootie shakin' lesbian dive bar in Denver is CLOSING.

Ms C's is gonna hang up their boots next weekend February 28th! So grab your friends and put your dancin' shoes on for the last dance at Ms C's.

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