Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chatham College for Women?

Chatham University
Chatham College for Women

Location: Woodland Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Opened: 1869

Closed: Could be co-ed in Fall 2015

Chatham College for Women isn't a lost womyn's space yet, but it is supremely endangered.

From yesterday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Chatham University considers enrolling men as undergraduate students

Chatham University, whose undergraduate college has been female-only since the school's founding in 1869, is considering admitting men for the first time in that college's history, officials confirmed Tuesday evening.

University president Esther Barazzone cited economic pressures and enrollment realities in telling a campuswide meeting of students and employees why Chatham has become the latest women's institution in Pennsylvania and beyond to consider going coed.

The university's trustees, meeting Friday behind closed doors, unanimously approved a resolution allowing for a period of study that could lead to a board vote by June, officials said. If the trustees approve the idea, the first men in Chatham's undergraduate programs could be enrolled by fall 2015.

Read the rest at the link for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette above.

Last year, Pennsylvania lost another educational institution for women, Wilson College. (We posted about that here.) Seton Hall University began accepting male students in 1986. So women's colleges within the Keystone State are rapidly dwindling in number, leaving women students with fewer and fewer choices.

If this prospect concerns you, especially if you are a current Chatham student or alumna, make sure you contact the school and express your opinion now. Here is the email and phone for
Chatham president, Esther Barazonne:

Phone : (412) 365-1160
Email :

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