Friday, October 5, 2012

Troll Club

Street scene - Alikarnassoy Kolonas
Troll Club

Location: Alikarnassoy 7, Kolonas, Athens, Greece

Opened: ?

Closed: June 17, 2006

The only reference I have found to this former lesbian bar is at an old website by the name of Athens by Night Sapphites Guide (love that name!). But unless you're interested in history, don't bother to visit as it hasn't been updated since 2007. At any rate, this is what is said about Troll Club:

Troll, Lesbian bar-club * REPORTED CLOSED - 17 JUNE 2006 - Alikarnassoy 7, Kolonos (from Kostantinoypoleos & Lenorman bridge) tel. 210.5158920 
The second self-identified lesbian venue in Athens - Mostly young women and a few occasional gay friends 
very interesting music mixes (latest mainstream 2 all-time classics 2 Greek dance music) 
Opens late Tuesday-Sunday nights, (~ 11pm to 3am.. and more on weekends) !

We know that it was open in April 2005 as there is this reference:

Friday, April 8th, Athens, Party, at the Troll club, Alikarnassoy str, Kolonos, after midnight

But that's about it.

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