Sunday, October 14, 2012


1129 Pennsylvania Avenue SE today
Mi Vecinidad Restaurant

Location: 1129 Pennsylvania Avenue South East, Washington DC, USA

Opened: April 4, 1998

Closed: 2000?

Here's the brief description of Elan from the 2012 update to rainbowhistory:

On the 2nd floor. Women's bar, had Wednesday evening drag shows hosted by Michelle Michaels and Courtney Lovelace.

An October 13, 2000 article in the Washington City Paper on the loss of Washington's lesbian institutions mentions that in  "the last year, Elan, a Capitol Hill lesbian bar, closed its doors." Unfortunately, a more exact date is not provided. 

As often happens, reviewers don't consistently identify Elan as a lesbian bar as such. For example, clubplanet described it thus: "Elan - A gay/lesbian bar that features hip-hop/rap/punk music." Several other websites listing gay and lesbian venues used the exact same wording. 

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