Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mrs. P.J. Gilligan's Saloon for Ladies

Why Not Go the Limit, by Harry Grant Dart (1908)

Mrs. P. J. Gilligan's Saloon for Ladies

Location: In the overwrought imagination of anti-suffragist illustrator Harry Grant Dart

Opened/Closed: Appeared in the March 18, 1908 edition of Puck Magazine

Alas, Mrs. P.J. Gilligan's never had a "real" existence outside the paranoid imagination of her hostile creator. Suffragists back then were routinely attacked as "unsexed" or "mannish" in a way that is very similar to how feminists are attacked today as "lesbian" or "manhating" (some things never change). Why, if you let the ladies have the franchise, before you know it, they'll be boozing and brawling just like the gents. And then who will bake the pies and mind the babies, hmm? See this site to look at this particular illustration in greater detail, as well as similar anti-suffragist cartoons and illustrations.

Still, Mrs. P. J. Gilligan's does look like a great place to hoist a few brews with your lady friends....So Cheers!

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