Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ladies' Rest Room, William O. McKay Company

LADIES' REST ROOM - Conveniently arranged for the
comfort of our patrons (1929)
Ladies' Rest Room, William O. McKay Company

Location: 609 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, Washington, USA

Opened: Established 1923

Closed: Occupied this location till 1980s

According to the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections Division, the William O. McKay Company operated a "Ford and Lincoln dealership and repair facility" at this address. It appears the ladies' rest room was literally for that, and not a place to take care of basic bodily functions. Seems like a lovely spot for the lady motorist to rest and refresh herself while awaiting the repairs on her old Tin Lizzie--and all while in the company of other ladies!

Certainly is much nicer than the waiting room where I bought my last car. Plastic molded chairs, harsh fluorescent lighting, ancient magazines with coffee stains, dirty linoleum--all of which is standard faire these days unless you go to a luxury dealership.

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