Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ladies Rest House, Rock Springs Park

Ladies Rest House, Rock Springs Park
Ladies Rest House

Location: Rock Springs Park, Chester, West Virginia, USA

Opened: Park began operations in 1897

Closed: 1970

Rock Springs Park is a now defunct amusement park once located in Chester, West Virginia. The park officially began operation in 1897, and closed in 1970 after the death of its final owner. After four years of disuse, the land was bought by the state of West Virginia for the rerouting of U.S. Route 30 and the construction of the Jennings Randolph Bridge over the Ohio River.

According to Joseph A. Comm, the Ladies Rest House was one of the park's original turn-of-the-century structures. It was located behind the bandstand shell.

Another view, Ladies Rest House, Rock Springs Park

We're told that "most traces" of the park are gone now, except for the rock springs themselves.


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