Thursday, March 29, 2012

Women's Bank of Prague

Prague Credit Bank (1929)
Women's Bank of Prague

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Opened/Closed: 1933

The idea of a women's bank is not totally without precedent, especially in today's middle east. But the Women's Bank of Prague is certainly one of the earlier attempts at women-only banking--an attempt that probably did not advance too far, given the era in which it was proposed. Not surprisingly, I can find no information on this Bank beyond the announcement of its formation in March 1933. And, needless to say, the AP news article is very patronizing:

PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia, March 9--Several leaders of the women's clubs here-abouts announced today that they were sick and tired of the mess men bankers had made of the world's finances and that therefore they had organized the Women's Bank of Prague.

 It will be managed entirely by women and will extend credit to women only. The profits if any will be devoted to feminist propaganda.

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