Thursday, March 29, 2012

Studio Feminin

Opera of Paris (1932)
Studio Feminin

Location: Street of the Admirals, Paris, France

Opened/Closed: 1932 to ?

From the Montreal Gazette, September 10, 1932:

Men Will be Excluded From Studio Feminin

An exclusive, feminine theatre has been founded in Paris. Men are to be entirely excluded from its undertakings. The plays are to be written, produced, performed, and supplied with incidental music by women only. Moreover, the scenery will be both designed and shifted without male aid.

The Studio Feminin was established, somewhat inconsistently in the Street of the Admirals,  because it was felt that too few women have taken up playwriting heretofore. A competition is to be held, the closing date for the acceptance of plays having been fixed as September 15. The most successful effort will be performed next winter.

The principal object of the enterprise is to enable women to take a more important part in the ordinary theatre. Although the honor role in the casting of characters often is given to a woman, it is felt that men hitherto have jealously kept to themselves the roles of playwright and producer.

And without finding some good scholarly works on the history of Parisian theater in the 1930s, that's all I know.

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