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1015 - 1019 South 10th Street (around 2003)

Location: 1019 South 10th Street, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Opened/Closed: Around 2007 to 2009?

Chixx seems to have been a lesbian bar located next door to a gay (male) bar called Flixx. She had her own myspace page, but she still comes across as a painfully shy kind of gal, as this is all she had to say about herself:

Located on 10th and Pacific Omaha, Nebraska Free parking in the rear! Specials Every Night ..

Not exactly informative, is it? I know this is Nebraska and all, but still. Was she cowered by the shadow of her gay big brother? Maybe so. At any rate, there's not a lot of information on this venue.

One of the few references to Chixx that I have found is the following:

Chixx interior (2007)
In June 2007, the Witching Hour Theater produced a "scary lesbian striptease" at Chixx as part of the local Fringe Festival. Check out the video if you're game.

So we do know at minimum that Chixx was open by the summer of 2007.

According to one commenter in May 2010, Chixx was no longer in existence as of that date, as the square footage had been taken over by Flixx:

There used to be a great bar called Chixx adjacent to Flixx. Unfortunately, that is now closed and that section is now Flixx show bar for special occasions.

Does this sound like a familiar theme yet? Men's space encroaching upon and eliminating womyn's space? Sort of like the drinking man's equivalent of Radcliffe giving it up for Harvard?

Although her existence seemed somewhat marginalized during her lifetime, there is still some nostalgia floating around for Chixx. As an old Chixx fan lamented in June 2010:

DAMN! I miss the days when that Chixx was around cuz it was fun and it was pretty classy.

The requisite pool table at Chixx (2007)

This was part of a review for Connections, Omaha's last existing lesbian bar. At least she appears to be still breathing, though there are ocassional rumors regarding life support....

March 28, 2012: Correction. I have now verified that Connections is deceased as well. She was replaced by a new lesbian bar (very unusual) called Door 19 which opened on January 14, 2012. Will write up a Connections obituary soon....

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