Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Synodical College

Synodical College (1914)
Synodical College

Location: Fulton, Missouri, USA

Founded: 1842

Closed: 1928

Synodical College was a Presbyterian school for women that operated from 1842-1928.  It was initially an academy and later began to offer college-level programs. 
Synodical College yearbook (1927)
It was known as the Fulton Female Academy when it was founded by Rev. William W. Robertson. It came after the official auspices of  the Presbyterian Church after 1871, and became a college in 1873.

Synodical College was recognized by the University of Missouri as a standard junior college after 1916. Then in 1925 the Synod of Missouri approved a resolution at a meeting in St. Joseph, Missouri to enhance the curriculum with the goal of providing a four year collegiate program. The initial steps toward the goal included an affiliation agreement with Westminster College (then an all-male school)  for sharing of some faculty and courses. Synodical College then closed in 1928.

Photos: Synodical College, around 1914. 1927 yearbook at Synodical College.

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