Wednesday, October 22, 2014

L'amour Sorcier

L'amour Sorcier
The former L'amour Sorcier--now an Irish pub

Location: 789 Cote Ste. Genevieve, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Opened: Early 2000s? Before that?

Closed: Gone by 2009, when customer review notes that location is now an Irish pub

Trip Advisor is very much to the point:

Description: Nice lesbian bar.

Then there's the review in the Rough Guide to Canada (2004):

Popular, intimate lesbian bar with cheap beer, soft music (which gets louder and more danceable later on) and a great roof terrace.

And here's Lonely Planet:

The tamer atmosphere at this café-bar is mainly enjoyed by lesbians, but gay men are welcome too. The gay community may be small but the lesbian one is even smaller and this is the only horse in town.

This description from World 66 (from 2005) is kind of cute:

A little cafe for the ladies who enjoy the company of other ladies!

Here is the listing from Quebec Travel Guide:

Lesbians form most of the clientele at L'Amour Sorcier at 789 côte Ste-Geneviève (tel. 418/523-3395). There's a low-pressure bar inside the old building and a terrace out front. Gay men aren't turned away. It's about three blocks west of place d'Youville.

The only real customer reviews I have found are at trip zen:

Service was very good and friendly.

Their sangria was so-so but cheap so who's complaining.

But apparently, there is no dedicated lesbian bar in town.

The crowd was very genial;

Quebec City's Lesbian scene is almost more impressive than its Gay scene, given the number of bars in the city.

It is still listed in a 2009 guide book.

But it stayed in business for only another year or so. According to a customer at Trip Advisor posting in May 2009, L'amour Sorcier was gone as of that date:

Bar no longer exists. The building now houses an Irish Bar.

It fascinates me that this place went out of existence only 5 years ago or so. But the only evidence that L'amour Sorcier ever existed is limited to little fragmented descriptions consisting of one line or so. There are probably places in ancient Greece that have more written documentation than this. Sad.

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