Monday, October 20, 2014

An All Female Mission to Mars

Women in Mars.An All Female Mission to Mars

Once again, we see one of the very few arguments for an all-women space (in space!) in the mainstream media (in this case Slate). Though the argument is entirely fact-based, writer Kate Greene waffles towards the end and argues that "diversity" is better, but "if the bottom line is what matters in getting to Mars, the more women the better."

But of course all the waffling and preemptive appeasement doesn't matter. She's attacked by the dudes anyway. Such a surprise...

Never mind all the all-guy missions. As we all know, all-women anything is an instant threat to men, while all male anything is okey dokey status quo and infinitely defensible.

We've actually posted on this subject before.

An All-Female Mission to Mars

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