Friday, September 19, 2014

Women-only space is threatening precisely because it's powerful

Great posting from the Life is Suffering blog. Only part of it is reproduced here.

September 17, 2014

Women-only space is threatening precisely because it's powerful

   ➞ womensliberationfront:

"In one flash, I realised that the centres of power in this country – the boys schools, the bullgingdon club, the golf clubs, the gentleman’s clubs, they were male only spaces that consciously and legally excluded women.

This was when I realised why women only space is so threatening to men. And threatening is the word – if it wasn’t threatening we wouldn’t have to spend so long explaining why we want it, justifying why we want it, and being forced to give it up because we’re ‘discriminating against men.’ Women only space is threatening because men know that male-only spaces are spaces of power. They’re the spaces where men make the decisions that govern society. Women only spaces are spaces where women are creating their own power.”

Female-only space is vital to feminist organizing and women’s safety.

Yet another reason we trans women need to leave women only spaces, like mitchfest, alone.

We’ve all had access to various men’s only spaces. Some of us may have chosen not to join any. And yes some of us may not have been allowed to because of our behaviour or clothing (or race, but that’s another issue), but we could have acted differently if we really wanted in. I mean come on, how many of us were boy scouts?

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