Sunday, September 1, 2013


The former Gilda's

Location: 1515 West Laskey Road, Toledo, Ohio, USA

Opened: 2004

Closed: 2011

Gilda's never had much of an internet presence. 

Clubfly duly notes that it was a lesbian bar, now closed. The only description:       
Girl orientated bar/longe [sic] with dancing. TG friendly...

No customer reviews. 

An article on a (still existing!) lesbian bar in Toledo called OUTSKiRTS mentions Gilda's. Seems the current OUTSKiRTS owners used to manage Gilda's:

Lexi and Johanna took over the former Gilda’s on West Laskey Road in 2008, not long after Johanna’s husband and Lexi’s father, Dennis Staples, died.

“Since we were both his main caregivers, we had a lot of free time and were like, ‘What are we gonna do?’ so we said ‘Let’s buy a bar,’” Lexi said. “That was the next logical step, obviously. Since neither of us are big drinkers and neither of us have ever owned a bar before.”

The learning curve was steep, Lexi said.

“The thing that has been craziest for me to learn has been that you can’t turn it off. I’m always thinking about it,” Lexi said. “It’s also all us. If painting needs done, or a toilet needs fixed or light bulbs need changed, that’s us.”

Two years ago, they moved the business to its current location at 5038 Lewis Ave.
“It’s cool to have gotten this far in this economy, that we’ve survived this long. A lot of lesbian bars in the country are closing or having fundraisers to stay open.”

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