Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Garbo for Women

Apparently defunct website for Garbo for Women
Garbo for Women

Location: Stavangerweg 900, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Opened: January 2007

Closed: ?

This fairly incoherent account about Garbo for Women comes from a website devoted to all things Greta Garbo:

In Amsterdam (Holland) there is lesbian bar called Garbo for woman. Garbo has been set up to allow  lesbian - and bisexual women to meet other women. This is possible by dancing with each other or drink with each other a drink.

Hmm. Methinks somebody had a drink (or two or three) before scribbling this out. Anyway, a link is provided for the Garbo for Women website, but it's dead. Which made me initially suspect that Garbo for Women was a lesbian bar that is no more. 

But at, it is claimed that this isn't (wasn't?) really a bar at all, but more of an occasional party thingy. Perhaps it was one of those lesbian places that went "gay" or "queer" and then lamely tossed off one party a month for the ladies?

Every 3rd Saturday of the month. Special women-only dance party. Women are mostly 25+, bit mixed.

Fodor's says something similar:

Garbo for Women (From Facebook)
This women-only dance night for lesbians and bisexuals takes place every third Saturday of the month at the popular bar-restaurant Strand West. If you like, you can also have a bite to eat beforehand.

But now we are provided a link that shows that Garbo still exists--at least in the compromised party form. 

Their facebook page has lots of neat pictures and illustrations, but if you aren't fluent in Dutch, there isn't much material you can read. 

Here is one of the few first hand reports I have found. This is from January 2011:

I found it so interesting that young girls in their late teens and early 20′s are getting the courage to come to places like Garbo’s and be “present” in their authentic identity at such a young age – but I found it just as fascinating that so many ladies over 60 were there!  At one moment, I must have been in the granny section, as I looked around and saw many ladies in early, mid and late 60′s enjoying themselves. They looked like everyone’s Oma – in a lesbian dance club!
Overall a thumbs up for Garbo for Women New Years and 4 year anniversary party.
Sounds like a neat place. That is if it ever existed as place--and not just as a once-in-a-while socializing "gift" to women. 

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