Monday, June 10, 2013

Falcon Hollywood

Falcon Hollywood

Location: 7213 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, California, USA

Opened: 2006

Closed: 2012

Falcon was one of those places that operated as a restauant during the day, before switching to an swanky club at night.

It was also identified--but inconsistently--as a lesbian bar. Especially when various celebrities stopped by. Like Tara Reid in July 2008 or Paris Hilton in January 2008.

The vast majority of customer reviews are pretty generic discussions of the food or the general ambience and service. One of the (very) few reviews that allude to this being a lesbian place is from yelp, March 2009:

Falcon exterior

Falcon interior

So I showed up Sunday for Lword night. I was pleasantly surprised to find that no one was wearing cargo shorts.
Some how in Az at any given lesbian club/bar/eventyou just have a sea of cargo shorts.

Come on people brush your hair at least.

Gotta say everyone put effort into there looks which is nice to see. I dont care about looks or anyhting but I swear the lesbians in az are soo frumpy. Not only that but the are very stand offish.
If you go to somewhere and see another lesbian they will stare you down like they want to beat your ass. In LA I notice they nod or smile like normal people. Anyway, this place was small but really cool great seating, my only complaint is that the dj was playing 10 yr old bad techno, I mean bad. It was easy to order a drink no wait.

Everyone was friendly..

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