Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Red Carpet Lounge

Red Carpet Lounge 

Location: 937 North New Warrington Road, Pensacola, Florida, USA

Opened: At least by 1998

Closed: 2010

Her self description says very little. In fact, the only reason you would even know that Red Carpet Lounge was a lesbian bar is because it was listed at LesbianNightLife

We are located at 937 N New Warrington Rd. an open from 5pm - Close Tuesday thru Sunday. Tuesday its all you can drink for $8! We also have an open pool tournament @ 7:30 with a $5 entry. Cash Prizes. Wednesday its karaoke with KJ Karmyn from 9pm- Close

Lonely Planet is very brief, but at least they use the L word:

This popular lesbian bar has special themes nightly.

Fortunately, the Pensacola Independent tells us more:

Red Carpet Lounge (June 2010)
This primarily lesbian bar calls itself Pensacola's "Hottest Ladies' Bar." Drag pageants, pool tournaments and pajama parties are just a few of the fun events hosted by the bar."

Gaycities informs us that Red Carpet Lounge had the reputation for being anti-male (oh, the horror!):

Lesbian bar in Pensacola
Referred to as "the Rug" by the locals, this lesbian bar has had it's ups and downs in the last couple of years. And unfortunately for guys, it has gained the reputation of unfriendliness towards members of the opposite sex.

It appears that at least one straight dude customer echoed this opinion regarding the Red Carpet Lounge. I'm guessing the ladies did not grant him the deference to which he obviously felt entitled. From yelp, July 2007: not go in here! the lesbian regulars are hostile and will make your stay very uncomfortable! the lesbo bartenders will not even serve you if you are male! equality and justice...not even in the lesbian dictionary!

However, at least one other patron disputed this claim in  August 2007:

I don't really frequent "The Rug", as it is so affectionately referred to as, all that often, but I wanted to counter the scathing review already posted.  The Red Carpet--if you couldn't tell from the name--is a lesbian bar.  So, if you're going to visit, gay friendliness is a prerequisite. 

I'm not sure what kind of hostile treatment this guy got, but the bartenders and patrons have always been good to me and my male friends whenever I have found myself there.

Blue Mule Saloon
(formerly the Red Carpet Lounge)

Yet another customer at Yelp tells us that the Red Carpet Lounge closed in 2010. No additional details are provided. 

As to when it opened, the earliest reference I have found to the Red Carpet Lounge is in 1998.

Today it is the Blue Mule Saloon.

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  1. I remember hearing about this bar when I was stationed in in the Navy in Orlando, FLA back in 1980 at the defunct NTC Orlando base. I heard it referred to as the "Red Rug". Now I feel REAL old.


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