Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Club 7969 (formerly Peanuts)

Location: 7969 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, California, USA

Opened: 1973?

Closed: Open at least as late as 1988

Found another great site for historic bars: discomusic.com. Here's what they say about Peanuts:

Peanuts started out as a lesbian nightclub but became mixed with a little of everything. It was right next to the French Market and had two bars, pool table, mid-sized dance floor in front of floor to ceiling mirrors. On the weekends they featured the "Cosmetics," --including regular stars Viva, Grace, Boy Tom, Lesbiana/Tangerine (Derick) and host Michelangelo -- who were both drag and real girl performers who danced and lip-synched at a midnight show. 

Monday nights had "Illusion" which featured the best transexuals in Hollywood.

Make sure you check out the comments. Lots of additional information. 

We know that Peanuts was open at least as late as March 1988, as there was an article in the LA Times about the place. However, there is no mention of it being a lesbian bar at that point. In fact, it sounds like the place had deteriorated significantly--noise, vandalism, violence, underage drinking, the whole enchilada.  This seems to happen a lot when bars "transition" from a lesbian clientele to a more profitable "whatever."

Since then, many clubs have been at this location. Even Club 7969 (see photo above) has been replaced.

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