Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hotel Seneca Ladies Dining Room

Ladies Dining Room, Hotel Seneca

Hotel Seneca Ladies Dining Room

Location: Clinton Avenue, Rochester, New York, USA

Opened: 1908

Closed: Hotel became Manger Hotel in 1957, building razed in 1969

Hotel Seneca

The Rochester Subway blog tells us a little about the Seneca Hotel itself, and specifically quotes a New York Times story on the hotel's opening on September 14, 1908.

Although the hotel's lobby was described in some detail, little was said about the hotel's many dining rooms:

The decoration of the spacious lobby follows the Renaissance style, with wainscoting of French marble, wall panels of greenish brown, ivory columns with Oriental caps in dull old gold, and ceilings suggestive of old illuminated Spanish leather book covers. Cornices and brackets are in old gold. Throughout the entire ground floor, in the various dining rooms and buffets, elaborate and rich decorative schemes are carried out.

Main Office and Lobby, Hotel Seneca

And to think this beautiful place was demolished....Ah well, at least we can imagine having tea with our lady friends in the exquisite ladies dining room. More crumpets, darling?

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