Monday, August 27, 2012

Women-only trout stream

A Mistress of the Gentle Art
from A Woman's Trout Fishing in
Yellowstone Park (1897)

Women-Only Trout Stream

Location: Connecticut, USA

Opened/Closed: 1932

This definitely falls under the category of quirky uncategorized womyn's space.

From the Calgary Daily Herald, August 11, 1932:


HARTFORD, Conn., Aug. 11.--(AP)--Connecticut women are to have their own trout stream, from which husbands and brothers will be barred. Fish and Game Commissioner Thomas H. Beck on Wednesday announced the state department plans to lease a stream on which women exclusively may fish. 

"The ladies have taken an increased interest in practically all forms of outdoor sports," he said. "Connecticut has nearly 200 miles of state-leased trout streams for its sportsmen. Now we intent to do something for the anglerettes."

So far I have yet to find any additional information on whether the women-only trout stream was actually established, and if so, where it was located. If it was established, it would also be fascinating to know how "anglerettes" felt about it and whether it was a popular place for women to go. Did "anglerettes" lobby for their own fishing space, or was this an idea randomly devised by Mr. Beck?  Did this experiment last past 1932, and if so for how long? Lots of interesting questions....

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