Thursday, December 1, 2011

Les Bos

Les Bos exterior
Les Bos

Location: South Park, Colorado, USA

Opened/Closed: Depends how you define it. South Park episode including Les Bos originally aired on April 11, 2007.

Just for something different, I thought it might be interesting to feature a "lost womyn's space" that never existed in "reality" as such, but only in the world of fiction. Such is the case with Les Bos.

Les Bos interior
Les Bos was a lesbian bar that once played a role in Comedy Central's animated series, South Park. Up until now, I hadn't been terribly familiar with this show. What fragments I had seen more-or-less by accident seemed offensive and tasteless. But in stumbling around the Internet, I came across a couple of references to Les Bos, which was specifically featured in a South Park episode called "D-Yikes!" from season 11 (episode 6 to be exact). So I forced myself to watch the episode in question. If curious, you can watch it here. If that sounds like too much of an ordeal, you can find a plot summary here.

My conclusions? Yup, this show is offensive and tasteless. That it manages to be slightly amusing (for a few brief seconds here and there) is the best I can say. And even those moments are cancelled out by the outrageous racist/lesbian stereotyping which I didn't find funny in the slightest. 

But I was also struck by the fact that when it was announced that Les Bos would be sold, the bar dykes decided to fight back and save their space. And they won! If only THAT happened in real life....

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