Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chaca Bar & Cafe

Chaca Bar & Cafe

Location: Sudiestraede 39, Copenhagen, Denmark

Opened: April 2007

Closed: 2010

Here's how she introduced herself on Myspace:

Lesbian bar in central Copenhagen situated in "gay street", Studiestræde. We offer two floors, small dancefloor, sexy bartenders, cheap food and drinks and good times all around! Chaca Bar & Cafe Studiestræde 39 Copenhagen, Denmark

And this is how Gaygetter described Chaca just after she opened:

A new lesbian Bar & Café with Karaoke in the heart of the old city.

Mostly Lesbians and their friends. Young, middle and old are having fun here. 2 Floors.

Wednesday & Thursday is "Play-night" and Friday and Saturday music and dance.

And from ucityguides:

Café Chaca
Most lesbians meet here for drinks, a light meal, or a night of karaoke. You'll find people of all ages, creating a welcoming atmosphere especially during the occasional special events.

The Rough Guide to Denmark covers many of the same points:

Predominantly lesbian bar spread over two floors with lots of different events; games nights, speed-dating and karaoke the most renowned. Good cocktails, too. Wed-Sat only.

In addition, the DK Travel Guide: Denmark described Chaca as "the lesbian meeting place of choice."

Then there's this blurb from crusinggays. (We've got "Professional table foot-ball" here, people! Out of the way!)

Lesbian bar on 2 floors. Professional table foot-ball available.

Patron reviews, though rare, were enthusiastic. Here's a December 2007 review, apparently from an English woman:

Chaca is THE lesbian bar to go to in Copenhagen. Great atmosphere, very friendly and lovely owner! Don't miss out and make sure you go there when in wonderful Copenhagen!

According to gayScout, Chaca closed in 2010. No details are provided.

But is interesting to observe that even in one of the most arguably liberal, non-homophobic places on the planet (legal gay partnerships started in Denmark in 1989), a woman's bar doesn't survive for long--even when it appears to be one of maybe two lesbian bars in the entire city. (The only other lesbian bar that was sometimes listed for Copenhagen, Vela, has apparently gone "queer"--so it no longer exists as a womyn's space either.)

And it's not because Denmark has somehow magically transcended gender "exclusivity" either. On the contrary, I see plenty of male-only bars and events that are still listed for Copenhagen. But as we know, the rules are always different for the boys....

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