Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Garden: A Woman's Store

2625 East 12th Street today
Book Garden: A Woman's Store

Location: 2625 East 12th Street, Denver, Colorado, USA

Opened: 1985

Closed: End of 2009/beginning of 2010?

Here's one description of the Book Garden: A Woman's Store (sometimes called Book Garden: A New Genderation):

This feminist-angled shop is a literary paradise that promotes inner and outer peace. Selections include art, health, humor and history. The store also hosts a section of multicultural stories for children with the mission to promote equality between the genders. In addition to the fine selection of books, music is offered along with greeting cards and candles. Of course, men are welcome.

I also find a lot of customer loyalty and praise.

Here's Cindy M. from December 2005, who describes the Book Garden as "the best women's bookstore":

This is a wonderful store! They have an extensive collection of womens books, and music. They also carry jewelry, art, gifts, and more personal womens items ;) They also have a small used book section in the back. The staff is friendly and good humored. There is a cat in the store, so if you're allergic keep that in mind. Parking is on the street.

Then there's Alden C., who announced Book Garden's demise in February 2010:

Very sad to see this book store close. They had great books on lesbian history in the USA and around the world. The books were very detailed on a variety of topics though and one book got right down to the details of how a sex change took place for trans gender people. They had awesomely funny T-shirts as well. Yes I am sad that they are closed.

Photo: 2625 East 12th Street

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