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Location: 2114 South Memorial Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Opened: 1986

Closed: October 2014?

Another long-time Midwestern lesbian bar, now lost.

A few of the "official" descriptions first:

From GayCities:

Hangout for the ladies
TNT's is one of the few (if only) spots dominated by women. Mingle with locals and enjoy the fun, welcoming atmosphere.

TNT patrons (2013)

From Clubfly:

Type: Lesbian Bar
In a nutshell: Girl bar featuring DJ's, karaoke, drag king shows and pool...

From Google+:

Tulsa's only lesbian bar!

And finally, Autostraddle:

TNT’s (2114 S. Memorial Drive) is a bigger club with a dance floor and some pool tables but sometimes there’s a cover charge. This place is a little harder to find since it’s tucked in the back of a shopping center. Drag shows are on Wednesdays (king and queen) while Thursdays are karaoke and “Butch Night Out.” I cannot personally describe to you what this “Butch Night Out” looks like. Instead, I refer you to their website where a clever poem can explain what it is all about. Yes, indeed.

Customer reviews are hard to summarize as there are 236 on TNT's Facebook page alone! Here's one of the positive ones:
TNT bartender (2012)

TNT's has been a Tulsa institution since 1986. Margarita Chandler has done an amazing job making this club a place where everyone feels welcome. Great music, always fun. You can see a show, dance, play pool or darts, or just relax, talk, and have a good time. I am very honored to have Open Hearts Revue here every 2nd Friday of the month.
The reviews at GayCities, however, are much less enthusiastic. From LKB:

Kinda like a hole in the wall, but cool if you don't mind that
Not very busy at all on a Friday night! Where's the people? Traveling for Memorial Day Weekend? Psycho regular put her hands to my throat and squeezed for NO reason! She needs to be banned or this bar will go under. Upside: All request DJ, small dance floor, FREE pool! I would go back if I didn't mind going to a smaller place and if I knew that the psycho chick wouldn't be there!

From jessie83:

drama lives here

TNT's Karaoke Night 
(October 2014)
I gave this place one star only cuz it won't take my review with out it. To start of the owner is breaking the law. She buys cheap liquor and puts it in the higher dollar bottles along with watering it all down. No one get IDed so half of the girls there r teens. Aka Baby Dykes. The only good thing they have is their trans bois show ( if they would only put the queens in that show out to pasture) this place don't pass a night without drama. So all and all not worth ur time or money.

Here's one from google+. Of course, there always has to be a lesbophobic jerk:

It is just a bunch of girls on girls?

And finally, a pretty straightforward review from yelp:

Lesbian bar. Never crowded but nice people and a dance floor and DJ.

Hard and fast closing dates are hard to come by, but the last post for TNT's on Facebook was on October 1, 2014 for a karaoke contest (see poster). So I assume it closed sometime around that time.

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