Sunday, March 29, 2015

Women-only subways in China

Women-only subways in China

Location: Beijing, China

Opened/Closed: Proposal stage

Once in a while, we look at a women's space that is not "lost" but is in some other category. This one is "proposed." There are many other examples of women-only public transportation that have been implemented--always outside the so-called developed countries. Unfortunately, not a word here on what Chinese women actually think about the proposal or whether any women are taking a leadership role in developing this.

From The Journal:

Women-only subways are being considered in China

It comes after pink parking spaces – 30 centimeters wider then usual – were introduced for the alleged struggles women have parking in narrow spaces.

Jan 29 10:31 AM               

BEIJING IS CONSIDERING women-only subway cars for their packed transport system.
Over three billion people use the city’s subway every year with people often being pressed up against each other or pushed and shoved during rush hour.

Many women have reported that sexual harassment can occur while they travel on public transport.
The Wall Street Journal reports that a survey from the Canton Public Opinion Research Center last year showed that 31% of 1,500 Chinese women reported a rise in sexual harassment.
It comes after pink pained parking spaces – 30 centimetres wider then usual – were installed at a shopping centre for the alleged struggles women have parking in narrow spaces.

China’s state-run news service, Xinhua, reported that women-only subway cars during rush hour were proposed by politicians so that “women will be better respected and protected”.

Meanwhile in Malaysia – pink-colored railway cars and women-only buses have been around since 2010. A female-only taxi service was also introduced in Kuala Lumpur.

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