Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ladies Resting Room, E.R. Day and G.R. Peabody Co. Department Store

Caption: A Glimpse of our "Ladies Resting Room" which you are invited to make your resting place
at any time. Strathglass Building, Corner Hartford, Congress and Lowell Streets, Rumford,
Falls, ME. Occupied by E.R. Day Co., and G.R. Peabody Co. Department Store

Ladies Waiting Room, E.R. Day Co. and G.R. Peabody Co. Department Store
Location: Strathglass Building, 33 Hartford Street, Rumford, Maine, USA
Opened/Closed: c. 1900
Happened to stumble on this photo here. As much as I love the room itself, I also love the narrative that accompanies it. 
I very much wish I could accept their gracious invitation and make this  my "resting place" at any time! I suspect a lot of tired women would feel the same way.
The Strathglass Building still exists, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. But I'm sure the Ladies Resting Room is long gone, and no doubt converted to some economically productive purpose that has little to do with women. Sadly, this kind of women's public space is no longer in existence anywhere, at least in western cultures.
Strathglass Building

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