Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Scott's Pit

Scott's Pit 
Photo: Henri Leleu; copyright © GLBT Historical Society
Scott's Pit

Location: 10 Sanchez Street, San Francisco, California, USA

Opened: 1970

Closed: 1984

The history of Scott's Pit as seen here:

Scott’s Pit, 10 Sanchez St., San Francisco
According to an article in the Bay Times, Scott’s Pit was the first lesbian biker bar in SF and operated between 1970–1984. The article describes the bar a scene for notable poetry readings and epic brawls. The space has been converted into a private garage for the building above it.

Scott's Pit is also mentioned in this 2005 discussion on the History of Racism in Queer Communities:

We also went to Scott’s pit (emphasis here on pit). You know Gwen Avery. Well she was an ace pool player. Scott’s would have pool tournaments. Gwen won a tournament and then had to play Scott in a final game. Gwen won against Scott who then refused to pay Gwen her winnings.

And that's about all I have found.

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  1. Scott: Square jawed, slick backed dark hair, loud laugh, big charming infectious grin, ever-present jaunty black cigarette holder.

    Gwen: Strong boned crazy assed bighearted loudmouth afroheaded basketball player, I remember you girl.

    Scott's: Biker bar known for epic brawls. Yep. Lotssa baby dykes trying to out butch one another.


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