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Club Pink

Club Pink
The former Club Pink (September 2011)

Location: 19910 Hoover Street, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Opened: November 2006

Closed: Around 2010?

Like so many new lesbian bars, Club Pink was greeted with great acclaim when it opened in the fall of 2006:

The turnout at Pink was so vibrant this past weekend that, although 550 people made it into the new lesbian bar in Detroit, others had to be turned away.

"We probably would have reached close to 700 people," said Alana Faulk, owner of Pink.

And unlike many queer/gay bars in recent years, there was also a recognition that gay men and lesbians (very generally speaking) were not necessarily looking for the same things in a drinking establishment. And that therefore it was quite nice to have a space that catered to lesbian interests and wishes:

Faulk, who also owns Stilettos in Inkster, was sick of Detroit bars giving lesbians one night a week and, even then, not grasping that gay men and women are polar opposites.

"Guys just want to dance and party and women are different," Faulk said. "Women want to be there with friends ... . They (other bars) don't understand that that's what women are looking for. Not an empty, open feeling."

The intimate ambience of Pink maintains the club aura of Stilettos, but allows lesbians to experience what gay men have for years at bars like Pronto in Ferndale.

"I wanted a lesbian bar for lesbians run by lesbians," Faulk said. There's one form of entertainment that's popular at Stilettos that won't be finding a home at Pink. That's drag.

"We want different forms of entertainment," Faulk said.

To achieve a unique setting, Faulk decided Pink would boost a full kitchen (including after work specials), live music (Melissa Ferrick is booked for January), special DJs, karaoke, comedians and elaborate productions.

So the building was thoroughly renovated from "top to bottom" with these priorities in mind:

The appearance of Pink drastically contrasts with Stilettos. Divided into mini sections, with little nooks (some with TVs and dart boards), Pink's more for those who would like the best of both worlds: an intimate atmosphere and the bump and grind dance floor.

"You can be part of the big party or branch off and have some quiet time," Faulk said. "Women like to talk; they like to have conversations."

The party area has an elevated caged dance floor and two smaller dancer stages with chrome poles for the go-go girls. Patrons can reserve Pink's VIP rooms with a fireplace and leather furniture. Various themes, such as Old School on Wednesday and Rumba (Latin vibe) on Thursday (which kicks off the first Saturday in December), highlight each night.

"That's something women like," Faulk said. "It's been a request from the older crowd, which we're trying to attract."

Unfortunately, I can find no interior photographs.

In July 2008, Club Pink was recognized as the “Best metro Detroit lesbian bar.” Not that there is generally a lot of competition for these things. But still, a nice honor to have.

Here's the ad from ClubFly:

Type: Lesbian Bar

In a nutshell: From the owner of Stiletto's comes Club Pink women's bar on the East Side. Wednesday through Friday is 18 & older and Saturdays 21 & Older. The bar will be serving food and will have reasonable prices, live bands and a house DJ playing salsa, top 40, old school & hip hop...

Interesting then, that a later ad in GayCities downplayed the lesbian identity a bit:

A dance club for girls (and guys) with "bootie" to brag

When it comes to attire, the club boasts a "no effort, no entry" policy, so make sure to dress to impress. For $10, 18-year-olds can come, but you have to be 21+ to swallow (drinks that is).
Pink's three parking lots are fenced, well lit and guarded heavily by security.
"It's a pretty big bar," Faulk said. "It's a lot different from Stilettos."

There are only two customer reviews at GayCities, and both are from 2009. One reviewer complained that Club Pink was "small and cramped," while the other praised it as "one of the best clubs I've been to."  

ClubFly, GayCities, and a few other sites all note that Club Pink is now closed. But no date is given.

The location is now Club 506.

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