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Location: 1901 Leavenworth Street, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Opened: Open since at least 2009, and probably before

Closed: New bar, Door 19, opened at this location on January 14, 2012

Unlike Chixx, her lesbian bar predecessor here in Omaha, Connections wasn't the least bit shy or bashful in introducing herself. From her Myspace page:

Omaha's one and only lesbian bar!! We're at 1901 Leavenworth Street-right on the corner! Come check us out for our beer bust and poker night on Wednesdays, kareoke on Thursdays, Hip Hop night on Fridays, Top 40 on Saturdays, and our beer bust again on Sunday! Bring all of your friends in for a good time, and leave the drama at the door!!

Connections patrons (2006)
For starters, let's look at one of the mainstream "official" reviews. Then we'll turn to the patron reviews, which were pretty passionate to say the least.

From GayCities:

A place for women to hang out
Happy hour every day Karaoke on Thursdays, and Wii on Sundays and Tuesdays. Friday and Saturday nights, dance to the beats of DJs Omali and Von.

And from Clubplanet:

Connections - If you have to work the next morning, we bet a thousand bucks you’re going to call in sick. That’s because Connections, at 1901 Leavenworth St, is open all night. So the odds of you getting a good night sleep are closed to zilch – we predict you stumbling home around 8am and flopping into bed, forgetting to brush your teeth. And nothing wrong with that.

So far, so good. Now for some of the (not so numerous) positive patron reviews. 

From Gaytravelers, September 19, 2009:

A Lesbian Bar
We were there two months ago and actually had a good time. The Lesbians were very cordial and friendly and seemed to like the idea that a couple of gay guys came in. Bartender was friendly, told us the other gay bars to go to in the area. We talked to several of the lesbians and they were friendly. But, this IS a lesbian bar and they need somewhere to go to!

From Susan A., September 15, 2010:

I have found a new home. This place has everything for a diverse GBLT community. If I hadn't gone there, I would have a lot less friends! Has ATM and takes cash. Great entertainment options.

From decrique j, September 15, 2010:

This was our 2nd visit to Connections, we had a great time once again. The staff is friendly, the people are fun and friendly and the music is great!!

Now for the, uh, not so positive reviews. These run the full gamet. Some are the same old male whining, along with the same old stereotyped anti-lesbian tirades regarding mullets and flannel:

From aesomaha, May 26, 2009:

one word.....scary
Boys...keep in mind. This is a girl bar. Do not go. Chances are you wont get to use the restroom, so you will have to pee outside....or, you wont get served drinks....and you will get looked at as if YOU are the one wearing the flannel. Otherwise...PERFECT place for the ladies.

From gayboikane, August 27, 2009:

only lesbain bar, but nothing but mullets in this place, but people are chill.

But others raise serious questions regarding poor and unreliable service, underaged drinking, illegal drugs, safety and violence issues, and filthy conditions.

From TrenaluvsStacy, June 11, 2009:

Connections is sadly the only lesbian bar left in Omaha.. Although we have had some good times there, the place comes with alot of DRAMA... It is located at 19th and leavenworth which isnt the best part of town by any means. But there really isnt any trouble there, no more than any other bar. Alot of regulars are there, obviously since its the only girl bar left in this town. The bar could really do well and it does have potential if it were run right. The main problem with the place is the ownership. It is owned by two women that dated at one time and now they hate eachother. It makes it really uncomfortable for everyone. One of the owners is now dating this one girl. well i think she is a girl.. its kinda hard to tell. ha ha,,, but the 1st owner has had the bar for a number of years and she doesnt do anything to help business in the bar. she shows up when she wants to take some money and all she does is ***. No one wants to be in the place when she is around. she cheats on her girlfriends and walks around like she is king ***, and no one can stand her.. Its time for her to get out of the business. the other owner does what ever she says. its really sad, she works hard.. But gossipps alot and pisses everyone off too. Its the kind of bar where they look u in the face and smile then stab u in the back when you turn around. the other bartenders have no clue what they are doing. All the good ones get fired cuz the owner is jealous of anyone that gets attention. for now its the only lez bar but we are hoping things change. they do have live music djs pool video games, keno until recently. its cash only, but they do have an atm. there are alot of hard core dikes there, but once u get to know them they are harmless. Its ok, but getting old

From 6pakand10inches, December 16, 2009:

Well once again we tried to head down to connections tonight.. And low and behold they are once again closed.. Tammy one of the owners takes out an ad in the gayzette complaining that the lesbians of Omaha are going to straight bars and not supporting the only lesbian bar in town.. but everytime we try to go there they are not open.. I cant say everytime but tonight and we tried last sunday and monday as well.. They cant make any money when they are closed~~ Tonight we had a dinner for work and after we brought everyone with us to connections,, Total of 31 people.. because i counted.. and doors locked... so we went over to old chicago instead.. We each pitched in $20 for drinks which came to $620 and our boss tipped.. which was a nice tip im sure.. im sure others would have been in the bar tonight as well... so sorry connections you lost out on about $1000 night!..

I would like to speak on behalf of SOME of the lesbian community,, I will not say i am speaking for everyone because i know how rightous some of you can be and i know not everyone feels this way,,, But after speaking with many of my friends and my girlfriend.. there are reason why connections has lost business and some of us gals are heading to other venues... besides the inconsistancy with hours... 1) The price of drinks vary between bartenders 2) the strength of drinks vary some bartenders working there wouldnt know how to make a glass of water if it wasnt in bottle.. I am not trying to put anyone down.. because i dont know how to make drinks either,, but i dont claim to be a bartender.. The biggest complaint i hear from our community is the issues with the owners.. Its not just that they are unprofessional.. its that they make everyone feel so uncomfortable. Its not as bad during the week.. but on the weekend when they are both there... no one wants to be there,, The fat one puts down the skinney one and thinks she is looking all cool and powerful when she actually just looks like a bigger bitch than we all thought she was... She dated our friend tressa and she granted tressa had issues.. but kelly straight up abused her.. physically, mentally. etc.. now she is doing it to her other g.f and goes to work and abuses the other lady that works there.. the glbt community speaks to each other.. and that is why no one wants to be a connections anymore.. you cant go and relax.. its too much drama and hate and gossipp there.... my friends L.t.k & m wanna buy it.. Mick that worked there wants in too.. everyone leave a comment.. would you love to see new ownership there? where you could count on the place being open and no drama and back stabbing.. leave comment... thanks for listening... Lori and Kristen...

From undercoverangel, May 7, 2010:

what has happened to that bar?       
I recently just moved back to Omaha from Colorado. Stopped by Connections about 6 weeks ago. The place was a morgue on a Friday Night. I didn't recognize anyone there, except the lady working. One of the owners. I was hoping to see the smaller one, Tammie. She was always so nice to us when we were there before. The place was looking up when went on board, but I don't think she was there anymore. And the main thing is the smell in that place! Hello??? Does that owners house smell like that too? Is it dirty like that too? What does someone want to go there for actually? The chairs are torn up, the bathrooms are gross, and the bartender is kind of rude. Not really a fun place if you ask my opinion. Well, so much for our lesbian bar in Omaha. Someone else needs to open one. I wonder if that Tammie went off to do that. If anyone knows hit me up. Not planning on going there in the near future, if it is even around by then.

From Brenna P., May 29, 2010:

Connections is the staple lesbian bar in Omaha. I've been here several times throughout the years. Some days are more disappointing than others, but for some reason I can't seem to avoid the place.

The bar has certainly changed throughout the years. For example Fridays are now "hip-hop" nights, with a hip-hop DJ, and a completely different crowd. Thursdays used to have "queereoke" but I don't think they do that any more. On any given day, you really never know what kind of crowd you'll see. On occasion they have drag king shows and various DJs.

Saturdays are probably the busiest and best day to go, with the most diverse crowd. You'll typically see a mix of all kinds of people, including those with mullets and no teeth! Never put it past anyone to start a bar fight, either. The fights here are always interesting, and on any given night, you'll probably see at least one person crying in the bathroom.

Despite all the drama and insane things I've seen, I somehow seem to end up at this bar for one reason or another. It's not classy, and the drink specials are by no means awesome. But if you like people watching, this is certainly the place to be.

This is the kind of place where if I didn't frequent it often enough, I would probably give it one or two stars. However, I've had a number of "interesting" and fun times at this place... and well, it is the only "lesbian" bar in the city.

From Shonnabgood, June 5, 2010:

They wonder why they are about to close up? They wonder why there are no bodies sitting in at their tables or on their barstools? REALLY??? Who in their right mind would want to go in that place for a night out? I cannot believe the things that go in that dump. You have drugs being sold out the back door, you have women literally having sex in the stalls in the "smelly" bathroom facility..when it's working no less, have a woman that looks like "Humpty Dumpy" (guess she's an owner) behind the bar, and her latest "victim" that looks like she could spit like a dragon at a any moment. "UGLY".! We have personally seen this owner go through probably 12-18 women since we've turned 21 a few moons ago. She is gross and disgusting for 1, and for another she abuses them all and treats them like ***. Why do these women subject themselves to her behavior.

If you pay $5 for a drink, you can pretty much figure most of that is going in the owners tip jar. We watched her take a $28 order one night and throw it all in her tip jar. She needs to use some of that $ for some new clothes that aren't so tattered and tight! ***TTT! The g.f.'s that were half ass decent and did really care about her got the *** beat out them all the time! This woman needs to retire or give it to someone who can make it. Shame this is Omaha's only women's bar. DAMN! I miss the days when that Chixx was around cuz it was fun and it was pretty classy. That Connections bar is nothing but trouble. Just my 2 Cents!   

From Rashona A., September 22, 2010:

I do have a review!!! I have (2) girls, twins no less who are 19. I have found them in that club 3x on Friday nights, drunk on their a**'s and higher than kites. My daughter Shaneiqua said some dude gave her ectasy out back of the bar, and she gave it to her friend. I think she took it myself, but I can't prove it.

I am not a fan of this place at all. My sister goes there all the time just to score some drugs. I used to go in there awhile back, but it was nothin but punks and old dykey butchy women tryin to get it with the young girls. There ain't nothin in that place that attracts me. It's a dive!

That woman that own the place is a down right thief too. That why I don't go back. Give her a $20 bill, and she claim it was a $5 bill. Who she tryin to scam???? She be tryin to look all good and s**t, and she ain't nothin but a fat OLD has been! That woman be servin minors up in that club an she don't even care long she makin some cash. And I know my nephew still goes there. He is only 18. Used to be a little one behind the bar that was good. She were sweet. Now My nephew saz it ain't nothin but the fat one and some ugly old clumsy lady tryin to be bartending. LMAO, I know my nephew hangs with that ladies son, and they be friends so he don't want to cause no trouble there, but I am whoopin on somebody next time my girls be comin home from that club all trashed and high. They call that a lesbian bar? That place is a DUMP! All ya all who say you had a good time and found a new home LMAO I be prayin for ya! Shut that f'n place down! Drugs, minors, no good!

From hotwomennow, February 17, 2011:

Dirty and a real DUMP!!!!!!
Why can't women have a nice clean bar....this place was gross!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it even still open???

From Wariana, September 29, 2011:

I am not a racist and I do not choose my friends based upon their color. People are people in my book. I am just wondering when this bar became a "black bar?" I used to go in and play some darts and pool once in awhile, but the last couple times I really felt out of place and not treated too kindly by both the clientelle or the bartending ladies. Does anyone know if this place changed hands or if I might have just picked a bad time to go in? If you have the scoop hit me up please. I have some friends coming to town this weekend and I used to like to take them in there, but I don't even think it is a lesbian bar now is it?

From AD H, December 21, 2011:

Started going here about a year ago, use to be fun and safe, now I don't feel safe there due to the people that attend the different parties, so I'd rather not go. The people that throw the parties allow underage people to get in, and its usually the under age individuals starting the fights, THE ENTERTAINMENT COMPANIES don't care who attends their party, they just want the MONEY, so I'm not wasting my Time....

Connections pool table (2007)

After withstanding what appeared to be a rampantly bad reputation for several years, Connections finally collapsed, and was replaced by a new lesbian bar (which is pretty unusual). The new bar is called Door 19, and opened on January 14, 2012.

Here's one patron's less than enthusiastic reaction to the news.

From Chico221234567890, March 28, 2012:

well guys you guys we all got what we wanted the bar has changed its name to door 19 ultra lounge check it out on there new fb page, also they had remodled in the last months but have not seen it yet so whish me luck and all my readers, also i hope the place is cleand up since last time it was dirty, dont like the name i put in a cupple names, they could have picked from (sloutions lounge, wackeys lounge,corner lounge, corner lounge)just dont like the new name havent been there yet but let me know wat you think of the new name and the new redo keep reading my reviews and untill next time im outt .....

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