Thursday, February 2, 2012

Revolution (Atlanta, Georgia)

1492 Piedmont Avenue Northeast, #B today

Location: 1492 Piedmont Avenue Northeast, #B, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Opened/Closed: Mid 1990s

The description at Clubplanet is so brief as to be almost meaningless:

Revolution - Large gay bar and club: crowd is mostly lesbian.

That's about all I've dug up. And the only reason I ever found out about Revolution in the first place is that it's mentioned in a January 2012 article called "Why can't Atlanta sustain lesbian bars?"

Of course, the article mulls over the same laments we've seen in cities all over the country, if not the world, over the past few years. Lots of possibilities are tossed out as to why lesbian bars are in such short supply these days, but no overarching theory is proposed--which is fair enough.

Today, the location is occupied by Mixx, a "mixed" gay bar.

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