Monday, October 10, 2011

The Hub

421 Denny Way today
The Hub

Location: 421 Denny Way, Seattle, Washington, USA

Founded: 1950

Closed: 1966


Lesbians' first Seattle bar opens about 1950. Essay 1168

About 1950, the first Seattle bar that caters to lesbians opens. The Hub, located at 421 Denny Way, is operated by Marjory Taylor and Anne Thompson.

The Hub continued to operate until 1966.

Prior to 1950 it was difficult to meet other lesbians. Shirley Maser (b. 1926) said: "In the 1940s I can’t remember any cruising places. In fact, back then every woman thought she was the only lesbian in the world."

Don Paulson and Roger Simpson, An Evening At the Garden of Allah: A Gay Cabaret in Seattle (New York: Columbia University Press, 1996), 63.

By Greg Lange, May 28, 1999

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