Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baltimore Female College

Baltimore Female College
Baltimore Female College

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Opened: 1849

Closed: 1890

From Lovett:

The Baltimore Female College opened it's doors in 1849, having been chartered by the State of Maryland in 1848. Originally a Methodist Episcopal Institution, and the pioneer institute in the State for the higher education of women, it became non-denominationl in 1868 by an act of the legislature. The school began on property on Paul Street moving to new buildings on Park Place in 1874. It's curriculum was Liberal Arts but the primary mission was training teachers. Dr. Nathan Covington Brooks presided as it's President from it's opening until 1890 when it was forced to close due to the withdrawal of the grant from the State of Maryland.

Once again, we see male leadership of a female institution from beginning to end...only to find that the institution finally whithers and dies from lack of commitment.

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