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Zgirl Club

Zgirl Club (formerly Misty's)
Zgirl Club

Location: 4301 North 7th Street, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Opened: 2006?

Closed: 2011?

Like a lot of lesbian bars--especially in the southwest it seems--Zgirl Club started out with a lot of promise and sizzle. In both 2007 and 2009, she won the Best Lesbian Bar award from the Phoenix New Times. Here's what was said in 2007:

A lot has changed since zGirl Club was known as Misty's. Once a haven for butch-looking Phoenix Mercury fans and middle-aged, mullet-headed mamas, zGirl Club now packs its dance floor with some of the hottest honeys in Phoenix, from lipstick lesbians in carefully coordinated outfits to soft butches who are dressed to impress. And where the DJ used to bump old Janet Jackson songs, Sapphic spinners like DJ Domenica are now playing the hottest hip-hop and Top 40 tunes. zGirl's special events and wild weeklies are hard to beat, too, from amateur pole dancing and "Drag King Idol" competitions to "Bikini Top Martini" Mondays, where ladies who show up in a bikini top get $3 fruit-flavored 'tinis all night. And there's live music, too, as sexy sirens like Nels and Julie Lloyd frequently pop in to perform.

All this gets so irritating. Why are the hipsters so obsessed with dissing butches and women with certain hairstyles (mullets)? So much for community tolerance....

And this is what was said in 2009:

We're not saying all lesbians are lushes, but good drink specials can go a long way in attracting hordes of hot gay women. zGirl Club's got specials almost every night of the week, including two-for-one well and domestic bottles on Tuesdays and $2.50 pitchers on Thursdays. And despite its modest dance floor, the club always manages to get booties moving, with a little help from the turntable stylings of veteran DJ Domenica, who spins everything from hip-hop to electro-dance mash-ups. There's also karaoke on Thursdays and the occasional speed-dating event. The drink specials are good for those, too.

Zgirl Club pool table
But the patron reviews were generally not so good. Out of 13 reviews at yelp, Zgirl Club averaged just 2 stars out of 5--not a real impressive showing. And the negativity started early. The "thumbs down" ratings started in as early as March 2007, with this one-star review:

There were 2 pool tables.  And that room was pretty well ventilated.  Though it could have just been because there weren't any smokers in it.  They were at the bar.  It looks like the walls of the bar were recently re-done.  They look nice.  And... um..... There was a dance floor - not that anyone was on it.  And um....

Ok, screw the Ms. Nice review.  This place strove to be a dive bar but never made it that far.  There are two rooms and they look like 2 completely different bars.  And neither one is happening.  The bar is small and feels smoky - even w/ just 5 people in the place and only like 3 of them smoking.  NOT a good sign.   The drink was super strong - but didn't even taste good.  When even the alcohol doesn't taste good, you know you've got a problem.  

And despite a few outliers here and there, the same general opinion was evident in October 2011 (also a one-star review):

The owners of this bar need a serious reality check. This is a divey bar in Central Phoenix, not some swanky Scottsdale club. They took out the pool table and replaced it with a flat screen tv and couches that probably would do better in my mom's house...oh right, and the "art" they picked up at Big Lots (hung on the wall with caution tape around it hahahaha) is priceless.

The reaction over at GayCities was slightly more upbeat. Here's the official review:

Z Girl Club *
Formerly: Misty's, Desert Rose
Lesbian bar with DJ music and shot specials on Sundays
The girls can drink or catch a sports game here, especially on Sundays during Football season. Happy hour is daily until 9 p.m.

Here we see that the customer ratings were pretty positive between December 2006 and June 2008. Here's a sample of comments:

I love this place! After I moved to Phoenix, I was about to give up on going out, and was told about this place. I had tried all the other gay bars and was less than thrilled. This is the spot to be. Great people, great drinks!

fun, friendly and great specials plu very good DJ music to dance to. A must for the women.

Been to this club a few times when I'm in town, it's great! Great music, good dj's, hill atmosphere.

Every time I go I get friendly service and love to dance to a variety of DJ styles Tue, Thurs,Friday and Saturdays. Best drink specials in the Lesbian clubs. I love this place.

But then the haters started in. It was too small, too dirty. The women look like...Men! (the same old tired anti-butch screed). And the Real Menz aren't treated right!

not a good place at all..people were not friendly......the bar was small and dirty...bathrooms were nasty...most all the women look like men....

OMG, Nasty nasty dirtbag bar! Manly women ready to fight. Bartenders OVERWORKED, too damn small dance floor, bathroom filthy, no place to breathe, but the drinks were reasonable. And the ONLY HOT CHICS were the str8 ones coming in!!!! Go Figure. Hell NO in my book..

i went here with my best friend who is gay and i go ta many gay bars with her. this place was horrible the owner told me and my husband that we dont fit in and should leave since we are not gay.....

Makes me wonder if these were "swinger" types who were bothering lesbians for a threesome. Wouldn't be surprised....

A couple of websites report that his place is closed, but no date is provided.

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